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Meedo has been carrying out his craftsmanship with passion and love for over 10 years now.


It all started at a young age, when he saw how the women in his environment, managed to create 'Beauty' with make up and hair styling: from beautiful to even more beautiful, the next level.


This inspired him to want to give beauty to every woman:

 the next level.


Meedo has followed various Make-up and Hair-styling courses, including the Imco College, De Nederlands Kappers Academy, Mieke Petiet and also the Dutch Beauty Academy for both hair and Make up.


He has also followed several Master Classes,

one of them by Sir John; Beyonce's Make Up artist,

of which he is a big 'fan' (of both, by the way 😉).


In addition, he follows on a daily base, everything in the field of Fashion, Make Up, Hair and other trends on Instagram and

You Tube: Movies, Editorials; following the latest trends,

gathering more knowledge and doing his own thing with it.


Partly because of this, Meedo likes to engage in fashion and other photo shoots, you can also book him together with a professional photographer.

You can find many examples of this on his instagram.

This may give the impression that he only has models as a customer, but no less true: everyone is welcome !!


In the various salons where he gained experience, there was never a good relationship between Hair and Make-Up.

Both are equally important to Meedo. Being able to offer the total picture for both at a high level.

He takes his job very seriously and expects a lot from himself.

He goes for the best result, striving for perfection.

For him it is very important to take his time; no rush, only then you will get the best result.

In a beautiful, quiet, feminine environment, where every detail counts.

No children, husband, friend or household: time for yourself.


By Meedo is exclusively for women:

Men have their Barbershops, 

Women have By Meedo.


Working alone in his salon, you always get the full attention of him and his craftsmanship.

He is approachable and accessible for everyone.


Be welcome, come by or simply make an appointment in the online agenda at

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